ImMeganLive – Impregnated French Aunt Complete


ImMeganLive – Impregnated French Aunt Complete

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My nephew Kyle came home after a call I gave him earlier. I looked kind of sad and he asked me why. I announced him that his uncle Mike and I are trying to get pregnant, but it’s not working, on his end, because my eggs are just fine. He asked me if we could do this In Vitro instead. I said no, because my husband wants his youngster look like him. So adoption is obviously not an option. The only possibility left is using a sperm donor. This is when I got this idea I shared with Kyle. Everybody says how much he and his uncle look alike, which brings me into asking him if he could be our sperm donor. He eventually accepted, so I gave him a towel, a bottle of lub and a cup to gather his seeds. I asked him to go in my room to do it. After a moment, he called me in and told me that it doesn’t, he couldn’t do it because it felt too weird. I said that maybe I could help because I don’t want our marriage to fall apart and have to go back in Canada, my home country. I started to give him a handjob. I had no other choice, this will definitely be our little secret. Once I got his sperm in the cup, I immediately left home to go straight to the clinic to get it tested! Fingers crossed!
A few weeks later, I got my results back. Great news! My nephew’s sperm concentration is high, so he can definitely be my sperm donor! I had him come over to announce him the great news. He was ready to come with me at the clinic to give his sperm, but I’ve told him that this isn’t an option because his uncle would find out, so we have no choice but to do this the old fashion way. He was stunned when I told him that. I also made sure he came over the day I was ovulating, two birds one stone! We went into my room, we undressed and climbed on my bed. I jerked him off a bit to make sure he’s ready for me pussy. I sat on his cock. I knew he had a big one, but I didn’t realized how big it was until I sat on it and felt how much he stretched me out. I felt really awkward to ride my nephew to get pregnant, but his cock felt so good at the same time. I kept thinking that I was cheating on my husband, it was so wrong, but I kept reminding myself that it was for a good cause! We eventually changed position, I went on my back at the edge of the bed and he fucked me standing until he creampie inside of my pussy. (No cum visible to camera/implicit) We’re going to have to do this every day now until my ovulating period is over. Hope this is going to work!
This is my last ovulating day today! My nephew is unfortunately at school. I had to do what an aunt who wants to get pregnant gotta do! I pretended to be his step-mom and called him out sick so he had to come home. I was waiting for him and told him that it was my last chance. We had to do it over and over and over! We went straight into my bedroom, I sucked his cock a little to make him super stimulated and ready so I could get the best of his sperm! Since it’s our last day, I decided that it was best to really enjoy our sex together, chances might be higher to get pregnant if we loved it right! I enjoyed my nephew’s big cock and he enjoyed his aunt’s tight pussy and big tits! I was riding his cock cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl and it felt so good! Then, we switched to doggy style, that’s when he gave me his first semen of the day. We then fucked standing doggy with my legs and arms spread against the patio door. Switched to the bathroom standing doggy again in front of the mirror, he gave me a second load! We needed to try again! Went in the shower for a third fuck and creampie! A fourth one in the living room bent over the couch. Finally a fifth and last one while I was sitting on his cock on the couch and riding him hard, really enjoying our last fuck of the day before his uncle came back! (No cum visible to camera/implicit) Moving on to another day…I finally got the results! Am I pregnant or not? What will happen to our special relationship? You’ll get to know all about it.

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