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TickleIntensive [fps] Vera Blindfolded, Buried


Vera is a BARELY LEGAL 18 year old hottie from the Czech Republic whos EXTREMELY TICKLISH ON HER GORGEOUS SIZE 9 FEET! Shes been blindfolded and buried up to her neck in sand with her sensitive feet exposed and vulnerable. Veras toes have been tightly toetied, rendering her feet immobile.

BIANCA SHOWS NO MERCY TO VERA’S INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE FEET. She starts by raking her nails up and down her bare soles, causing the blindfolded girl to shriek with surprise and laugh uncontrollably! "STOP TICKLING ME! GIVE ME BACK MY SANDALS!" SQUEALS VERA, BUT HER BEGGING JUST EARNS HER MORE TEASING AND EVEN HARSHER TREATMENT! Even more humiliating, her sandals have been placed right next to her head, close but completely out of reach! Bianca coats her feet in baby oil and spiders her sharp nails right in the center of her oiled soles, causing the poor girl to shriek with her loudest bouts of laughter yet! THE PINWHEEL, COMB, AND HAIRBRUSH ALL HAVE A TURN WITH VERA’S TICKLISH SOLES, AND EVERYTHING MAKES THE BLINDFOLDED HOTTIE SQUEAL WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! The brush scrubbing her soles drives her craziest, and Bianca doesnt stop tickling her with the brush until Veras voice is hoarse from all the screaming!

Vera begs for a break but she doesnt get even a moments relief. THE EXTREME FOOT TICKLING JUST GOES ON AND ON UNTIL SHE’S COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED! One more round of foot tickling from the hairbrush totally wrecks Vera, leaving her covered in sweat and panting for breath, but Bianca doesnt stop, she continues tickling her long into the afternoon…..

Nonstop beach foot tickling.

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TickleIntensive [fps] Asian Girls Are More Ticklish

Extreme Content. NONSTOP Foot Tickling.
Chie is a gorgeous Chinese college girl whos EXTREMELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER SEXY SIZE 8.5 FEET! Shes the perfect candidate for a cruel foot tickling session, so shes blindfolded, locked in the stocks, and tightly toetied for the most intense foot tickling of her life! Chies never been blindfolded before and it makes her incredibly nervous, but its too late to back out now!
Bianca and Heather cant wait to get wreck this sensitive Chinese hottie. I HEARD ASIAN GIRLS ARE MORE TICKLISH, teases Heather. ME TOO! says Bianca. Then both girls start raking their nails up and down Chies wrinkled soles, causing her to squeal with surprise and collapse into hysterical laughter almost immediately! Baby oil only makes her feet even more sensitive and the girls sneer with satisfaction as she screams with hysterical laughter, demanding they stop as her feet are treated to a merciless tickling! CHIE BEGS FOR MERCY, BUT BIANCA AND HEATHER JUST LAUGH AT HER PATHETIC PLEAS, TICKLING HER FEET EVEN HARDER INSTEAD! The girls torment every square inch of her soles and toes with their sharp nails before they switch to the combs and brushes. The combs makes Chie shriek with laughter, especially the evil implements are sawed between her sensitive toes, making her scream at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter! THE BRUSHES ARE THE WORST, AND CHIE SCREAMS LIKE A BANSHEE AND CACKLES LIKE A WITCH AS DUAL HAIRBRUSHES SUBJECT HER BARE SOLES TO A BRUTAL SCRUBBING!
Chie is drenched in sweat and gasping for air from the extreme foot tickling. Her soles have literally been tickled pink but Bianca and Heather arent even close to being finished yet! They destroy Chies soles with a vicious combination of their nails and dual hairbrushes, DRIVING THE POOR GIRL CRAZY AND TICKLING HER NONSTOP, MAKING HER SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER AND BEG FOR MERCY UNTIL SHES BEEN REDUCED TO A QUIVERING, GASPING WRECK!

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