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RussianFetish [fps] Two chatty girls tickling with bound feet

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RussianFetish [fps] Sabina [fps] Tickle, Tickle, Tickle

Sabina is barefoot, she’s sitting on the couch. I give her cell phone and her to relax and does not to notice me and my actions. Before that, I handcuffed her hands with handcuffs in front of her and tied her legs lightly with a rope.
So, Sabina is surfing Facebook, and I’m creeping up to her sexy feet with a toothbrush and begin to gently touch her tender soles. She has very sensitive feet, so my hobby doesn’t allow her to sit quietly and read news feed. I tickle her legs with a toothbrush and sometimes with my fingernails. Sabina giggles cute.
After that I decide to tickle her armpits. I take her hands in handcuffs and lead them over my head, so her upper body immediately became available and I begin to tickle her sides, ribs and armpits. She has a very nice reaction! I like it. Enjoy

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RussianFetish [fps] Yoga instructor [fps] an unusual reaction

This young girl (20 years old) works as a yoga instructor. She has big beautiful eyes and pretty feet. She tries tickling for the first time.
She sits on the couch with her legs and hands securely tied. At the same time she feels comfortable enough in this position.
So, I start tickling her feet, first with my hands. Her reaction was cool: she reacts funny, laughs and moans, you can see lots of emotions on her face. Sometimes it may seems that she is very close to orgasm.
When I started to lubricate her feet with an oil, she said: "I can react very unusual." So I said "Don’t hold back." The next moment she rolls her eyes, jerks, laughs and moans at the same time. I love such reaction and facial expressions like she does.
Perhaps the feet are her erogenous zone. She is ticklish but experiences pleasure from that too. And tickling with a hair comb completely drives her crazy!

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RussianFetish [fps] Honey reaver [fps] I want to tickle your body

The hidden criminal follows his victim. Pretty Kristy sits in front of the mirror and does a make up.
"What a sweet legs she has!" – he thinks. – "And the body is so beautiful so I want to torment her right now…"
He takes a convenient moment and creeps up to the girl, and then grabs her…
Now she is in his power. He undresses her and puts on the table. She’s in a dress now.
"I’ll have to break it!" – He tears her dress in half.
"I will enjoy your body!" – He says and proceeds.
Kristy is in underwear and completely in his power. He starts tickling her belly and sides. She is afraid of this most of all.
The criminal has an unusual idea of ??torture – he takes a fork and begins to drive it along her body. It tickles her.
Then he takes an ice cube and gradually melts it on her body. The girl acutely reacts to such games. He begins to tickle wet Kristy, and then his tongue touches the bottom of her belly, and she falls into a agony.
Now he is going to add some honey – he thinks that it will be nicer to tickle the sweet girl. The honey flows sexually over her stomach and he begins to lick it off from her belly and tickle her body at the same time.
Honey criminal admires his idea about licking and tickling.
Then there will be torture of her beautiful feet. Her soles are very dirty and he decides to lick them and tickle with the tongue. Feet is a very delicate part of her body.
After ticklish licking he also pours the honey on her feet and licks, and also tickles and licks her feet again. Then he tickles her feet with his hands while she goes completely crazy about what’s going on…

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RussianFetish [fps] Anna underwear lovely tickling

Anna, 18 years old, 166 cm.
Anna is very delicate and beautiful girl.
Anna is a young model and she’s love tickling games! She liked when I touched her feet between toes.
She smiled and laughed pretty while I tickled her stomach and feet. It was beautiful and gentle tickling! Enjoy!

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RussianFetish [fps] Dina, Laura [fps] The first meeting and tickling two girls

This is the first video we made with Dina and Laura. Girls are shyly sitting on the couch and a little nervous, I ask them to show their sexy feet. They take off socks and shows them to the camera. Then Sally comes and checks them for ticklishness. It turned out that Dina and Laura are two funny and ticklish girls.
We tied them to chairs, Sally stood behind the camera, and me with partner are beginning to tickle them. We didn’t expect so active reaction to the tickling, it’s intense and very exciting. Mostly we tickled the girls’ upper body. Then we put pieces of a duct tape over their mouthes and continue. They screamed so loud that I thought about people outside may hear this hysteric screams and call the police. From the intense movements caused by us, girls were sweating and the tape began to come off, so we decided to put the ball gag into Dina’s mouth, as her cries very loudly. I got great fun when we tortured them by tickling. Periodically we change tickling spots from their upper body to the feet. Sally were behind the camera all this time and watching the scene with interest. Enjoy!

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RussianFetish [fps] Robbery gone bad [fps] Tickling and Bondage custom film

Burglar Julia already got the money and looks for more valuables, suddenly gets surprised by burglar Vika. Julia fastly hides the money in her jacket and sees a masked guy.

Scene 1. Julia sits on the sofa with already tied hands and legs. They tie her feisty feet. Well wrong place wrong time for you my friend, this is our robbery. He puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her. Puts her down on the sofa hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling big toes together with a very thin long string. They leave her alone for some struggling and looking for the big money.

Scene 2. Julia, free from hogtie and toe-tie, tries to grab the scissors on the floor with her toes, Vika comes back to check.
– Hey, the bitch tries to get free!!!
Vika turns Julia on the stomach, grabs her soles, he goes behind Julia’s legs and ties her big toes together, they tier her onto the chair. Vika takes off her gag. – Where is the money? Oh you want to play tough?? Vika puts a ball-gag in her mouth, he, adds another string to her tied toes pulls her feet back under the chair so her toes almost touch the floor and ties it to the chair. They start to tickle her suddenly they hear a police sirene.
– Did we trip the alarm? Vika tells him to start by, untie her toes and legs while she blindfolds her. We take her to our next target and can interrogate and torture her there about the money, Julia seems to be very pissed while he unties her, Vika grabs Julia’s heels on the floor.

Scene 3. Vika’s partner drags the feisty Julia, still blindfolded, ball-gaged and tied hands through the hallway, Vika walks with her heels in her hands beside them, tells Julia that it would be better to talk but she only mumbles. Arrived at the new target to rob, they push her on the bed. They tie her legs and feet, He forces her to kneel on the bed, breast-ropers her, puts her down on the bed hogties her and ties her dirty big toes together. Vika says that they will certainly find something to get the whereabouts of the money out of her. They leave her alone for a short time for struggling. As they return with a feather, brush and a little bottle of oil, Julia makes very big eyes and gets very nervous. They untie her from hogtie, toe-tie put her wriggling tied feet down to the bedframe, ties her big toes together, adds another sting and ties it to the bedframe. Vika asks again where the money is but Julia mumbles something unfriendly, Vika starts to tickle her soles with her fingers and a feather, then she lubricates her soles, between her toes and continues with the torture. When she tells her that she will now lubricate her breasts, Julia gives up and tells that she already put the money in her jacket which is still there and that Vika is an evil bitch. They put few stripes of tape over her mouth, Julia tells him to go on with the tickling while she has to go and wash her hands. He tickles Julia soles but something seems strange about Vika, he calls her but no answer. Leaves the room where he sees Vika’s heels in a corner but no Vika. What is going on? He sees Vika barefoot walking down the hallway with her phone and talking to someone about the money. Oh no, you bitch, he runs down the hallway and overpowers her before she can tell exactly where the money is. Vika, that was a stupid and drags her down the hallway hand over her mouth back to the bedroom.

Scene 4. Vika kneels on the bed beside Julia, already tied hands, legs and feet, he puts few strips of tape over her mouth to keep her silent, breast-ropers her. She wriggles like hell as he puts her feet to the bedframe since she knows what’s coming. He ties her big toes together, adds another sting and ties it to the bedframe like Julia and starts to tickle them. Later he tells them that he will get some more rope for them just to be sure that they won’t get away to easy, leaves them alone for a short struggling. Returns with more rope, starts to untie their toes.

Scene 5. Julia and Vika are on the bed when he first puts Julia in tight hogtie then Vika, after ties Julia and Vika’s big toes also tight together. Both girl are very pissed.
– Oh you want more? Just wait. He returns with more thin string, first start to tie all toes from Vika and afterwards Julia together.
– Looks nice! Well Vika since you are so greedy here something extra for you! He adds another thin long string from her tied toes to her tied arms. Well the owner should come back tomorrow, so have fun and leaves the two alone for some struggling.

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RussianFetish [fps] Tatyana tickles hogtied Dusya

For the first time these girls are together in one video. Dusya is firmly hogtied and her big toes are tied together. Her soles looks hot. Tatyana comes up to her and starts tickling her big feet. She uses her finger nails, a comb and toothbrushes (regular and electric). Tatyana is also barefoot. She changes tickling devices from time to time and makes Dusya laugh and suffer from the tickling. Dusya’s laugh is very cute by the way. The victim has no chance to escape.
These girls looks great together. This clip is focused on foot tickling, so check it out if you like big ticklish feet and f/f tickling as well.

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RussianFetish [fps] Tickling with toes [fps] offbeat tickle

This tickling is quite original. Breaking the rules, the girl decides to tickle her girlfriend with her toes. Flexible Eleonora reaches to tied soles of her friend and tickle her with feet. But this is not very comfortable. So after a while she will tickle Angelica’s ribs and armpits.
Tied Angelica lies under the feet tickling of Eleanora. Miniature girl lies on top of her girlfriend and diligently tickles her with toes.
Angelica is ticklish… This unusual tickling is quite effective. But Eleonora should to try very hard. Eleonora is a good tickler due to her flexibility and Angelica has repeatedly cursed her friend for that.
From the outside it looks like lesbian games, it is very sexy!

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RussianFetish [fps] Ticklish Reaction of Izabel [fps] tied feet with reading book

Izabel has a quite sexy voice. Not beautiful but sexy. That’s why I asked her to read a book aloud. While she reads, I will tie her feet to a chair and I tickle her feet in socks.
Cute Isabel begins to read, and I look at the contours of her feet in socks. They are very sexy. I start the tickling. Izabel is very shy and a little holding back a laugh. So I tickle her feet a little stronger and she begins to squirm, blush and laughs. At some point she says she is very ticklish and this is worse than torture for her. Then I removed one sock. Feet are really very beautiful and delicate. The most ticklish place is in the middle of the foot. I tickle both bare feet and she laughs and asks me to stop, squirming from the tickling.
Then her cell rings and she picks up the phone. I don’t stop to tickle her. She’s holding back and trying not to laugh while speaking, but when I get to the most sensitive point, she can’t resist and laughs.
It was a great reaction to feet tickling. And what is most importantly – sincere.
I ceased to pity her and just enjoyed intense tickling of her feet, scratched them and listened to her sexy laugh… Enjoy!

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RussianFetish [fps] Ticklish Reaction of Izabel 2 [fps] Tickling is torture for me

Izabel liked being tickled so we continue.
I fixed her crucified hands to the bed, she sits leaning against the bed with her back, and her legs are placed in stocks. Lovely position!
First, I’m going to torture her ticklish armpits. I quickly tickle her armpits through the shirt and she wriggles and wants to get out. But she doesn’t succeed. I tickle her ribs, and she laughs and says that she’s really very ticklish and tickling is a torture for her.
After that I turn to her feet and torment her with tickling for about 5 minutes and enjoy her reaction.
Next she lies on a massage table and I explore all her ticklish spots with no mercy, despite the she’s already tired.

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